Bathrooms are the most used and often most neglected room in the house, and yet one of the first things people notice and comment on when they view for purchase or come into a home as a guest.  Here are some of the top reasons we have found to renovate or remodel your bathroom:

Cosmetic: Updating a bathroom can bring a new feeling to the whole home. Turning a room to hide into a room to shine.

Value: Doing a full bathroom remodel can be the extra step that you need to increase your home value and overall appeal. Adding value to your home through remodels should be done carefully and with consultation as the amount you add through renovation, an investment must be recouped through home resale prices and current market values. Talk to a team member today about your renovation

Energy & Green Savings: Turning your home into something beautiful that also brings returns to your pocketbook is a movement that is taking over the market. And why shouldn’t it! Everyone likes beauty and savings. Bathrooms savings can be a little less obvious than in other rooms in the home. But there are options, talk to a team member today

Utility & Lifestyle Changes: There are times when the rooms we have no longer fit our needs. This can changes that are need for age-related issues, changes for special needs or simply making changes to gain more space and utility in a room. Due to the interactions in plumbing, it is best to consult a professional before you start tearing down your own walls. Talk to a team member today to get started on the changes you want for your bathrooms.

Expansions: Sometimes the perfect home does not always have the perfect space for some rooms. Adding on a bathroom or a home extension for a bathroom can be the best resolution to this sort of problem. From the simple to the luxuries, we have the staff, team, and stock to help you build the bathroom that fits your dream, your budget, and your pocketbook.