Building Better Bathrooms

Building Better Bathrooms

Numbers don’t lie; it’s simply not in their nature. Over the last 70 years, the average home has seen a 200 – 250% increase in the number of bathrooms in a home. Let’s face it, the more bathrooms there are, the more remodeling and or updating that will be needed.
For generations of the past, bathroom renovations averaged a timeline of the necessity of about 25 years. Can you imagine that! A quarter of a century before you needed to update anything. Well with the intensity of change and innovation of life today that lifecycle has been reduced to about half that. Which if you are looking solely at the timeline over the whole picture can seem like an extreme measure that we have taken upon ourselves in our lives and homes. Products are made differently today, lifespans are different, the efficiency of the appliances and tools is vastly increased making a renovation in the home; no longer a luxury issue, but every man, everyday issue. One that can bring the simple life to a reality for ALL homeowners today. Here are some of the best ways and reasons to update your bathroom the right way without emptying your wallet.

Less DIY. More than most other remodeling projects, the homeowner tackling a bathroom remodel on their own is taking on a lot of risks. Not the least of which include fun items like water leaks, ordering errors, cutting or drilling mistakes costing them time and money on expensive materials and redos. Reduce risk, working with the right contractor who understands the importance of timelines, budgets, and transparent communication, which only increases the joy that comes with the end result. Maximize your joy by working with the RIGHT Contractor.

Health and hygiene. More than 50% of Americans report themselves to be some form of germophobic. With homes increasing in size and a deeper awareness of the world around us, the bathroom is perceived as the most active breeding ground for germs. Understandably so. New materials with antibacterial surfaces and fixture designs that are easier to clean put bathrooms high on the health-minded consumer’s list for updating. If you are of a similar mindset, get started today speaking with our team about what new innovations we can bring to your home making it not only more stylish but cleaner and healthier for you and your family.

Product selection. In the media age, we are inundated with products and gadgets that are “designed for us” all this saturation can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed, especially when it comes to making selections for the bathrooms we desire; bathrooms that fit both style and function. Have an idea of what you want or looking for inspiration, our specialist team of designers can help you find the products that will be the best fit for your bathrooms and budget.

Predictability and payoff. In many homes, the bathrooms are all of a similar size and shape, and they all have similar systems and finishes. Which makes the bathroom remodels one of the easiest and fastest projects to undertake in your home. When you have updated and stylish bathrooms it can be used a personal selling point making guests feel comfortable, personal use and function more comfortable and a MAJOR selling point should you chose to list the home in the future. That’s right, your investment for your function can end up landing you more money when or if you chose to list the home in the future. It also makes for easier scheduling, better communication, and reduced risk, when it comes to time and monetary investment.

Having seen bathrooms that can pass on all sides of the good the bad and the ugly. Where do your bathrooms rate? Are you seeing a bathroom (large or small) renovation or addition in your future? Talk to a team member today about your renovation needs and ideas or complete this easy ONLINE FORM now to get started on your renovation quote.

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