Floors that Floor

Flooring is the first thing and the last thing both you and your guests notice about your home every time you enter. It is the one thing that gets used every day without fail. What does your flooring say about you?


Wood flooring, natural or otherwise is super hot these days and with that, there are some always some things to consider. It’s true that furniture feet, pet claws, stiletto heels, and kids’ toys with wheels can damage to the floor, some materials can feel substandard in cozy common areas. Being desert dwellers, tile is a common flooring for low maintenance and high appeal, but with the advance of technology wood floor manufactured or otherwise is on the rise and a beautiful addition to any home or condo. There’s a reason real estate ads mention wood floors, the right flooring adds value to your home.


Mimicking the look of solid wood, engineered (manufactured) wood flooring has a thin veneer of finished wood, such as oak or maple, attached to a plywood like substrate. Engineered wood provides several significant advantages over solid wood. Cost and adaptability in our climate are major things to consider. With an engineered product, you can affordably get an exotic wood species, such as Brazilian walnut or tigerwood, both of which tend to be more scratch- and dent-resistant than oak or maple.


Engineered wood floors are less susceptible to seasonal shrinking and swelling because the layers in the plywood backing are arranged with their grain in alternating directions. Most can even be installed directly over a concrete subfloor, which isn’t always possible with solid wood.

In fact, engineered flooring is often low-profile enough to install over an existing floor. Representing a huge potential saving on the entire project. Most engineered products can be refinished only one to three times (depending on the thickness of the top “wear” layer).


If you want a wood look but are thinking of the more durable and lower maintenance of tile, there is an endless array of options. This durable material will stand up to most of the abuse it gets in these rooms. In addition to faux wood and stone, porcelain tiles can be ­designed to look like handmade ­ceramic tiles, a welcoming choice for these casual hangouts. The hidden gem is that this flooring can be used indoors and outdoors, every space of your home in varying flavors, styles, and tones as you find applicable. If your porch isn’t fully heated and protected from the elements, make sure to choose a tile that’s rated for outdoor use in your climate.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re refinish­ing this subterranean space as a rec room, a playroom, an in-law suite, a wine cellar, or a man cave: The biggest threat to a basement floor isn’t from above; it’s from below. A concrete floor—especially one that’s below grade—might be damp constantly. And if the area floods, any porous material can absorb the water, expand, and buckle.


There’s no getting around it: Picking flooring for your home is a big decision. Between the cost of the materials, the time spent on installation and a continued need for maintenance, it’s easy to see why many homeowners are desperate to be certain they’re making the right choice before taking the plunge.


If you’ve found yourself in a similar conundrum, you’re in the right place. Our design team is here to help you find the best solution for your space and budget. Knowing that some materials may be well-suited for high-trafficked areas while others would not be able to stand up to the same level of wear and tear. On the other hand, some are optimal for providing comfort while others may seem lacking in comparison. Knowing our stuff so you can get the best deal on your stuff is what we do.


Looking to upgrade your home with the right contractor and get your space to look the way you desire is our main mission. If you are ready to make that leap or just want a quote on the projects you have in mind complete this online form here to get started today. Online forms, not your style, give us a call at 702-714-1451 to speak with our design team today.


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