There are many reasons that motivate people to look into kitchen renovations and remodels. The top five motivators for a full or even partial kitchen remodel are:

Value: Remodeling your home strictly for an increase in home value can be and feel like risky business. As the cost of the renovation will need to be recouped in the value of your home and current market trends in your area. If value and resale is your motivation for a remodel, be sure to let our team know so we can work with you on creating a space that makes sense for your budget and market area.

Energy & Green Savings: In the growing awareness of energy and green living making sure your home is efficient and giving back both to the environment and to your pocketbook can be a huge benefit. Adding skylights to reduce lighting needs and updating all of your appliances to energy and gas efficient units can make a huge difference in monthly expenses and the dent your bills make in your budget.

Special Needs for changing families: Through the years many changes can come into a family. Need for special access in and around the home be part of the changes needed. From counter and table heights to appliances that allow for wheelchair and other needs access. Talk to a team member today about changes that can be made in your kitchen to fit your families needs and styles.

Lifestyle needs and changes in new and existing homes: As the needs and habits of the family grow and change what we use our space for also begins to change. If you and your family are a quick bite and cup of coffee in the morning but don’t have a breakfast bar to accommodate this, or an eat-in kitchen, some gourmet upgrades. Whatever your lifestyle needs we can help adjust your kitchen to meet those needs.

Deterioration / Upgrade: The number one reason people remodel their kitchen is due to the need for updating the room and a need to correct any deterioration. These upgrade and remodels can be small and simple or all inclusive. Talk to a team member today about your needs so we can help you upgrade your kitchen to your style on your budget.