Steps to find the Home Improvement Contractor for you

Are you ready to make the leap and start your renovation project? Not sure on how to find the right contractor that you WANT to work with and that has the correct credentials for your job?  We have an idea of how to help you. Follow these 11 Step to find the Home Improvement Contractor for you:


  1. Connect with your contractor: You have found a list of contractors online in your area. Now you start the “job interview”. Make the call, send the email or the instant message and start the conversation. See how they communicate with you on your job and on a personal level. You are letting this person into your space to work on your projects and trust with your ideas and money. Do you get along with the contractor?


  1. Understand that price reflects the quality: Simply put you get what you pay for. Just because a contractor gives you the lowest quote, understand that this can be reflected in the kind of work delivered or in later hassles via change orders where things have to be adjusted for the look you actually want. Think of it this way you ordered the 3 dollar hamburger but you are charged a dollar for all the rest. One dollar for the bun, one dollar for the ketchup, one dollar for the lettuce… and on it goes. At the end of the day, you will pay 15 dollars on for a 3 dollar burger, when you should have paid 6 dollars for the one that came fully loaded.


  1. Know a contractor’s credentials: When you have a list of contractors you are comfortable with, and quotes you like. It is always a good idea to do your due diligence. It takes a few seconds to run a search on the state contractors board to ensure the person you are hiring is licensed to do the work. If you are not interested in running the search you can always ask for copies of the licenses and insurance to be sent to you along with the quote for the project.


  1. Get your home improvement contract in writing: contracts are an important source of protection for both you and the contractor. When you have agreed on the work to be done. Ensure that all the steps and specifics are laid out in black and white. From items selected, to projection dates, payment schedules and the like. Lay it out, understand what you are expecting from the contractor and what the contractor can expect from you.


  1. Be upfront about your home improvement budget: Numbers don’t lie. If you are not honest about your budgets and limits, you can get pushed into unnecessary and undesirable debt. You have laid out what is getting done and with what material, stick to the budget.


  1. Educate yourself about home improvement requirements: If there is something that you are having remodeled and want to understand what to expect. Ask. The contractors, the contractors’ board, friends, your friendly internet. Be educated in what you are looking to have completed and what to expect. 7. Be prepared for home renovation.


  1. Be prepared for home renovation. Renovation takes time. It disrupts the peace of your normal household. Other people will be in your space. Noise will be made. Messes will be made. All of this will pass and get cleaned. Renovations take time and it can feel stressed when there are others in our space. Be prepared not only financially but emotionally for the changes you are making.


  1. Wait to start demolition: Let the professionals handle it. If your outline is not clear if the timeline is delayed for products to arrive. Delay your demolition so the disruption does not impact you, the project and possibly cause unexpected expenses or mishaps.


  1. Be courteous of your neighbors during your renovation. The sounds of the renovation will be heard by others. Be aware of the times your contractors start and stop work. Let neighbors know that work is being done to minimize any complaints or concerns they may have. A little kindness and consideration go a long way. Don’t be that neighbor that mows their lawn at 5 am on a Saturday morning.


  1. Keep your eye on the renovation prize. Stay calm and enjoy the progress. Don’t let the little things keep you from enjoying what will be the end project.  Focus on what it will look like when you are done, not the dust, or the strangers in your space. It will be beautiful when you are done. You got this.


  1. Ensure things are complete before signing off on the renovation. Before you sign off on the project and write that final check. Ensure that all the work is completed, and to the standards that were promised. Once you sign off on the completion you have released the contractor. If you are happy with the work and all obligations were met, enjoy. If not, discuss this with your contractor on how to get to a point where you are both satisfied that the original agreement has been met.


This is how to find the home improvement contractor for you and survive your home renovation and remodel project with your pocketbook and sanity intact.  If you are looking for the right contractor for your projects you now have the information you are needing to get started on that journey. If you are ready to speak with someone today or to get a quote on your project just call (702-714-1451) or CLICK today to get started with PSI Construction.

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