When Cabinets Talk

When Cabinets Talk

We are not talking about political cabinets here, we are talking about the cabinets in your kitchen, baths and laundry rooms. What does the state of your cabinetry say both to you and about you and your home?


If you are unsure of what your cabinets say about you here are some of our tips and tricks to maintain the old or know when it is time to update to the new.


Cabinet Care: Caring for the cabinets in your kitchen or bath is sometimes one of the last things on your mind. It should be one of the first things you look at when you go to make your seasonal deep cleans. When you cabinets are caked in dust, hands, cooking grease or daily grime no matter how spotless the rest of the room is, it will dull the shine. For a quick easy clean on your cabinets use the following: Simple Detergent, Vinegar and Baking Soda!! That’s right these simple ingredients that you can find in nearly any home can polish up those old cabinets fast and make them shine like new.


Types of Cabinets: In today’s market there are dozens of cabinets type and colors to pick from for each room of your house. The hottest on the market this year is the Shaker Cabinets (pictured here on the left) with focus on both white and grey cabinets! Traditional dark or honey wood are also still in favor but not as fashion-forward.


Color: Color in any room makes a statement, the hottest today is both Grey and White cabinets. Which make the room look bigger and brighter. Color is as much of a style and taste preference on your cabinets as it is on your walls. That being said refinishing your cabinets is not as simple or as cost-effective as repainting your walls.  


Custom Options: Many people prefer the custom and sometimes couture look to every room in their home. Looking into custom one of kind options can dip into your budget on a deep level and or affect the value and resale market should you chose to sell and move at some point in the future. Customer options, style, and colors are something we can do for you. Name the project and we will work with you on getting you to the look you desire.


There are many ways to update the look and feel in every room. If you are not happy with what your cabinets are saying about you and your home talk to a member of our design team today about your renovation needs. Or you can fill out this FAST – EASY Online form to get started on your quote.


If you are unsure of what kind of look you are wanting or what can add value to our home speak with a team member and get some ideas that meet your needs and budget in just a few moments of your time.

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